Your posting too much when..

When you invite someone to your Facebook event, share something on someone’s timeline or perform many other facebook actions….it generates a notification. Unless email alerts have been disabled by the user, they will be notified twice. When managing a Facebook page, put yourself in the mind of your friends. You are posting too much when… […]

Testimonial: SociallyGold Helps the Animals.

By Olivia R. Over the past two months, I have been doing social media work for a non-profit organization called Frankie’s Friends. A lot of the information on SociallyGold was extremely useful and helpful for my social media work. One specific tool, reccomended by Mr. Goldberg really helped me with my work. As I worked […]

3 ways Twitter is better than Facebook

  1. Twitter Secrets – When tweeting at someone or replying and your first character in the tweet is the “@” symbol, only those who follow you and the person you are tagging will see it that tweet. “@socially_gold I love your blog! #Awesome” – Only those who follow you and me with see this tweet […]

Should I Use Twitter for My Business?

When deciding to use Twitter for your business, there are a few questions you could ask yourself to see if it is for you. 1. Do you have enough content to publish different posts on Facebook and Twitter separately. See my views on syndicating your Facebook posts to Twitter here. 2. Is your target audience even […]