Your posting too much when..


When you invite someone to your Facebook event, share something on someone’s timeline or perform many other facebook actions….it generates a notification. Unless email alerts have been disabled by the user, they will be notified twice. When managing a Facebook page, put yourself in the mind of your friends.

You are posting too much when…

. You have 600 users “awaiting reply” on your Facebook Event and the event is tomorrow. See how to get accurate event RSVPs here.

A. You could be inviting the wrong people.

B. You post so much that your message is muddled/ignored.

. You create more than one Facebook event and invite guests in one day.

. You tag every picture you took from that last photo album.

. You tag your friends (in a picture) that they aren’t in to get their attention.

. Why am I tagged in so many pictures of shoes?

. You tag your friends in status updates to get their attention.

. You include your friends in group messages and the conversation keeps on going and going and going.

These are just a few ways to determine if you are over posting. Let us know in the comments if you have any more.