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Clear Your Facebook Search History

Facebook unknowingly keeps your search history stored in your activity feed. Lucky for you, no one else can see this as its private information. Below is a simple step-by-step to clear your Facebook Search History. Step 1. Click Activity Log on your cover in your profile Step 2. Click More under Photos, Likes and Comments […]

What is Facebook Edgerank?

Facebook announced today that they will be more transparent with their Edgerank formula. Instead of jumping right into the changes, let’s learn about what Edgerank is. What is Facebook Edgerank? Facebook Edgerank is an unofficially named Facebook algorithm that determines which stories are shown on your timeline. Not every post from all your friends and the pages […]

How to Use Facebook Hashtags

Up until recently, I have been anti-Facebook Hashtag. Facebook was late to the hashtag game and I thought that they didn’t have any relevance on Facebook. For those who are unfamiliar, hashtags are ways to group conversations online. Adding the # symbol in front of a word or phrase makes it clickable. Hashtag functionality is […]

Embed Facebook Posts

Facebook recently announced that you will be able to embed Facebook posts on websites and blogs. Twitter already allows for this functionality. “When embedded, posts can include pictures, videos, hashtags and other content. People can also like and share the post directly from the embed.” The functionality isn’t widely available yet, but I am very […]

Enhance Your Posting On Facebook

This morning I went to post a link to a blog post about a Food Truck and I noticed something interesting about posting on Facebook. Facebook normally automatically populates a thumbnail for you, drawing on text and photos from the article or link. What if you don’t like the photo? At the end of this […]

How Not to Use Facebook Hash Tags

As you may know, Facebook rolled out hashtags on its platform earlier this week. Hashtags, initially used by Twitter, make it easier for users to search certain topics. You can click on a hashtag and see what others have said who have also used that same hashtag. For my full time job, I manage multiple […]

Instagram Now Records Video

Facebook announced that Vine will now record video. I can only imagine what the reaction at the Vine offices were today. Instagram made headlines when it was bought by Facebook last year, and they are making headlines today. I honestly feel bad for Vine as they pioneered this space. Here are some immediate reactions to […]