Twitter vs. Facebook: What’s Your Poison?

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have to defend Twitter and it’s greatness. I became a user in 2009 and didn’t pay much attention at my initial sign up. As my friends started getting it, it started to become more relevant. There are always people who say that are against Twitter and […]

Hosting a Tweet Up. DO’s and DONT’s

Each month, Ask Big Questions releases a new Big Question on their website. In addition, they prepare a curriculum guide for those who are interested in facilitating conversations. “Big Questions” are concerned with the topics that matter to all of us, regardless of our religious traditions, cultural heritage, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and personal […]

How to measure your Twitter Success

As you know, Twitter only allows for 140 characters and it can be a challenge sometimes to get your updates under that constraint. A lot of the time, I’ll tweet out a link to a website, but don’t want to waste characters on the website URL. There are a lot of link shorteners out there, […]

I love Twitter!

A couple of days ago I tweeted to people and asked why they LOVE Twitter. This post is not just a visual of why some people I know are taken by Twitter. It is also a lesson, that if you tag people in Tweets, they are likely to respond, especially if you promise to include […]

Be My Guest…Blogger: Social Media is Fashionable

Hey, hey Socially Gold-ers. I’m Sarah and I’m a fashion blogger (please don’t roll your eyes just yet). I’ve been blogging since August 2011 and other than great content, I’ve learned that social media is the most important aspect of blogging. Social media allows you to engage with your readers, which in turn makes them […]