Be My Guest…Blogger: Social Media is Fashionable

Hey, hey Socially Gold-ers.В I’m Sarah and I’m a fashion blogger (please don’t roll your eyes just yet).В I’ve been blogging since August 2011 and other than great content, I’ve learned that social media is the most important aspect of blogging.В Social media allows you to engage with your readers, which in turn makes them loyal readers and keeps them coming back.В It took me awhile to see the value in having a Facebook and Twitter account strictly for my blog, but having them has been incredible for my readership.В Now, I recommend having these accounts to anyone who is blogging.

Twitter has been the best angle for me to get to know my readers on a more personal level.В I love how easy it is to connect with someone and share links and pictures.В Not to mention, it’s so easy to connect with brands and shops that you may want to work with in this way.В Almost all businesses have Twitter accounts now so letting them know that you appreciate their brand is a great way to establish a relationship.В Twitter is also a great way to interact with people who aren’t necessarily your typical audience which can only expand your blog readership.

Facebook has been great for me in a different way.В It has allowed me to connect with non-bloggers.В When I first began my Facebook page it was mostly “liked” by my friends and family, but now I get people from all over that have heard about it or had a friend recommend it.В The one social media “fail” I have however relates to Facebook.В I’m still working on getting people to interact with me on my page.В From talking to the people who do like my page I’ve found that the vast majority are reading my blog every day, however I very rarely get comments on my posts, or even “likes”.В I have yet to find out what will work in engaging the readers but it’s something I’m working towards every day.

One last social media tool that I find incredibly beneficial for blogging is a type of forum for your category of blog.В For example, I’m a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers (which is- you guessed it- a group for fashion bloggers).В This group connects you with tons of other fashion bloggers all over the world and lets you participate in challenges, have open discussions on various topics and supports bloggers through their weekly post roundups.В This is especially important for new bloggers and was one of the top ways that I met others when I was first starting out. В

The blogging community is an incredibly supportive one and using social media tools to connect with your audience is the single best way to grow your blog.В If you want to be successful, you have to take the time to respond to your readers and thank them for their support.В And to be able to do that in a personal way now through Facebook and Twitter has revolutionized the way the blogging world works.В Now, having said all that, come visit me at Coming Unstitched and become friends with me.В I’m SO good at being friends.

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