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Instagram Releases Hyperlapse, a Time Lapse Video App

 hyperlapse from instagram

Instagram released a stand alone time lapse video app today. The app has built in image stabilization, which reduces shakiness. Instagram blogged about hyperlapse:

Traditionally, time lapse videos depend on holding your phone or camera still while you film. Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel—a feat that has previously only been possible with expensive equipment.

We designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible. You don’t need an account to create a hyperlapse. Instead, you open up straight to the camera. Tap once to begin recording and tap again to stop. Choose a playback speed that you like between 1x-12x and tap the green check mark to save it to your camera roll. You can share your video on Instagram easily from there.

Currently hyperlapse is only available for iOS. What do you think about this new app? Let me know on Facebook. I’m excited to use it while playing with my dog Rigby. Stay tuned for videos of him in 12x haha.


4 Instagram Pro Tips for Brand Managers


Instagram is a platform that is growing and growing everyday. Engagement levels on Facebook are decreasing while they are increasing on Instagram. In this post I’ll share six Instagram pro tips to convert you from a novice Instagram brand manager to a pro. This article is geared towards those using Instagram for businesses or organizations.

1. Contests

Instagram contests are a great way to engage your fans and earn user generated content. User generated content is the currency of your marketing plan and you want as much as possible to become a wealthy marketer. Petco’s summer photo contest asked fans to upload a photo of their pet paired with a weekly theme. In order to win, entrants had to follow @Petco and use their branded hashtag #PetcoPlayList.

The winner for that week would win $1,000, which is a high value prize.  A high value prize is important because it needs to be worth while for your fans to participate. Realizing that not everyone has $1,000 to dedicate to a contest, try soliciting for prize sponsors.

It’s a win win for both parties involved. Once the winner is chosen, upload the photo to your feed, tag the winner and watch the likes roll in. Ensuring that entrants need to follow you in order to win will help your account grow at a rapid rate.

Important note:

Do not have likes be the determining factor for the winner of the contest. There are services that let users fake likes, which will ruin your contest and upset your fans who legitimately tried to win. You can have likes account for 50% of the criteria, but try using a panel of judges instead.

You may also be interested in Using SnapWidget to embed Instagram photos on your website. You can also embed Instagram photos using their built embed code.

2. Hashtags and Tagging

Hashtags have evolved since they originated on Twitter. Now on Instagram and Facebook, hashtags are a fantastic way to categorize your posts and they are useful for branding content and user engagement. Petco used a branded hashtag to allow their fans to enter their summer photo contest. It also makes it easy for you to see what photos were submitted to your contest.

You can also use a hashtag to insert your image into an existing conversation. It’s especially helpful for events that someone else has organized. You’re likely to pick up new fans from people peaking in on that hashtag.

3. Links

Instagram does not allow live URLs in the comments of your photo. You can get around that by changing the link in your profile and telling your fans to “click the link in your profile to learn more.” To change the link in your profile from the mobile app, click the profile icon at the bottom right and then you will see an “Edit Your Profile” button.

Underneath your name and username is the option to add a URL. Keep in mind that if you ask someone to click the link in your profile for a photo posted two days ago, and do it again the next day. Someone who is behind on their Instagram feed may not be clicking a link you want them to.

I use to track how many clicks those links are getting. The stats for those clicks let me measure the best day and time of the week to post for my audience.

4. Use Locations as Links

I learned this trick from the Miami Marlins. As mentioned in #3, you can’t use live links in the comments, but you can provide a URL as a location. Notice their use of Again, this is not a live link.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 5.16.34 PM

These Instagram tips should help you become a pro Instagram brand manager. If you are interested in learning more with a one on one training, consider booking a live social media training.

Mutt Bombing: A Pawsome Use of Instagram

My new favorite Instagram account has to be DallasPetsAlive and their Mutt Bombing Project. This is by far one of the best marketing/Instagram campaigns I have seen from a shelter, let alone any organization.

Mutt Bombing is similar to photo bombing. It happens when someone (in the case a dog) gets into your photo without you realizing it. They post mutt bombed images on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with an adoptable dog added to the photo. They tag the original poster on Instagram and add comedic captions to show them what happened to their photo. Genius!


On the Mutt Bombing website, each photo has a link to Dallas Pets Alive where you can adopt the mutt in the mutt bomb. If the mutt is still available, you’ll get a direct link to that dog. If the dog found his/her forever home, you’ll get a link to their over animal listings.

I couldn’t be more impressed with this campaign, especially because it has a meaningful cause. Kudos to you Dallas Pets Alive and your Mutt Bombing Project. I also gotta show some love for their Mutt Bomb Machine, which helps them with all their Mutt Bombing. It’s a tough gig, but someone has to do it.

Also, more kudos to them for being exited about this blog post.


If you enjoyed this article, please share it. You can learn more about the project by visiting

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What is….a Jeopardy Instagram Account?

If you haven’t found a reason to join Instagram yet, this is it. Someone has started a Daily Jeopardy clue account. Although I wish I could claim ownership, I can’t. This gem of an unofficial account did earn a follow from me though. The account posts a clue and the answer comes the following day.

I found the account because @DailyJeopardy followed me first. I have Instagrammed clues using #Jeopardy before, mainly those that relate to social media. Hats off to you Jeopardy Instagram account! A the time of this post, the account has 68 followers.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 8.53.21 PM

Jeopardy Bonus:

Alex Trebek Raps


What Instagram is Missing

Instagram has gotten me a little frustrated lately. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy taking photos, adding filters and sharing them with my friends, but there are a few features that Instagram is lacking.

No sharing button

Facebook has a share button, and Twitter has the Retweet. If there is a post that I want to share, there isn’t a button that lets users do that. Dirk, a friend of mine has a different perspective. What do you think?



The accidental like

Have you ever been browsing a friends Instagram feed and get so far down that you are looking at images from 52 weeks ago? You have to be careful not to double tap the photo because it will turn into a like, sending a notification that you are a stalker. I’ve had friends show me old photos on their phone of another friend’s feed and tell me not to like it, but I am always tempted to. You can unlike the photo, but it still sends a notification.

No Zoom +/-

Unlike other social networks, Instagram doesn’t have a zoom feature, or does it? This can turn into an accidental like if you aren’t careful. I do have a solution for iPhone users though…

Pro Tip: If you have an iPhone, you can enable zoom in Settings>General>Accessibility> Zoom.
Once it is zoomed in, you can double tap and hold with 3 fingers to zoom in even more


No liking of comments

If someone makes a funny comment worthy of  a like, no can do there either. You’ll have to tag their username in an a new comment.

No multiple management of accounts

This bugs me the most! I manage two Instagram accounts, and I have to log in and out each time. Twitter and Facebook let users manage multiple accounts. Sign this petition to Instagram to allow for multiple account management.

No looping

Instagram added the ability for users to upload videos, thought to be a Vine killer at launch. Instagram video doesn’t loop like Vine video does. It does allow for 15 seconds of video compared to 6 seconds for Vine.

Twitter doesn’t implement cards on shared images

Facebook is now the proud owner of Instagram and since then, Twitter doesn’t want to play nice. You used to be able to share a photo from Instagram to your Twitter account and have it show a preview in your Twitter timeline. Now, tweets from Instagram will only show a link, which users need to click to see the photo.

Why is this important? 

It now takes an extra click for users to see your Instagram photos. Photos shared directly from Twitter do show a preview in the feed.

Pro Tip: Bypass the Instagram photo sharing issue with If This Then That (IFTTT)

Don’t worry, a post about Instagram can’t be all bad.

The problems that I have with Instagram does not deter me from using it. Here are some features I do enjoy.


Instagram added messaging in a recent update. I used it for the first time today and it can come in handy for brands looking to message their followers. Check out this post from Stephanie Frasco with more on Instagram Messaging.



The Instagram video feature is pretty neat. You can…

. Start and stop recording as you like
. Choose the thumbnail that appears when sharing
. Add filters

Share with me?

Are there any features you love, hate or love to hate? Share with me in the comments.

Turn Your Top 5 Instagram Photos into a Video with Statigram

If you have a business Instagram account, you should get to know Statigram. Statigram integrates with your Instagram and provides you not only usage statistics, but it lets you…

- Browse your feed in a grid format,

- Browse your own photos in the same grid format

- View your activity (likes and comments)

- View the people who follow you

- Discover contests other brands are running

- Create Contests (Paid Version of Statigram)

- Search users and hashtags

How to get your Best Moments of 2013 Video

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked with the awesome free features that Statigram offers. In order to get your Top 5 moments of 2013, you’ll need to request it be sent to you via email in the Snapshots section at the top. It won’t be ready right away, but they’ll send you a confirmation email once you make the initial request.

statigram top 2013 moments

The confirmation email says my video will take up to 12 hours, but I ended up getting it about 3 hours later. When you get the video, save the video to your phone and upload it to Instagram as you normally would. It even comes with a song built in.

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Engage Your Fans with #ThrowbackThursday Hashtag

#ThrowbackThursday, the social media hashtag trend that takes the internet by storm every week, is a great way to engage your fans. I’m not sure how the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag got started (let me know if you do) by users sharing old photos and including the hashtag on Twitter. I’ve shared a few old (ThrowbackThursday) photos on my personal page…


A great way to engage your fans on your business page is to post a #ThrowbackThursday post. The Humane Society of Broward County posted an old photo and asked fans to guess when the photo was taken to win a prize.





What you can learn from this post

. When holding a contest, include “[CONTEST]” at the beginning to get the attention of your users.
. Offer to enter commenters into a drawing for a prize that they will appreciate
. Everyone wants an iPad, but offering something in relation to your business or organization will have more meaning
. Set a specific number of comments before you’ll reveal the answer of the question and pick a winner
. Consider giving the prize to the first person who gets the answer correct
. The winner of this drawing didn’t need to be correct, they just needed to participate
. Keep a watchful eye on the comments, your fans will appreciate your timelines
. Tease the contest on other platforms

throwback thursday hashtag2
Notice that the Humane Society Instagram post was after the contest on Facebook ended. The post intentionally eluded to the contest on a different platform, encouraging users to follow the organization on both Facebook and Instagram.

Have you had luck engaging your fans with #ThrowbackThursday? Let us know in the comments.

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I Mustache You for an Instagram Contest

Launching your Instagram account with a contest is a great way to gain exposure, especially if you require entrants to follow your account to be able to win.

Do you have a website or blog? You can also curate the entries there using Snapwidget! A free widget that will put all images from a username or hashtag on your website automatically. Automatically? Yes! Automatically! I’m working with Texas Hillel on their social strategy and will encourage them to use this widget to engage their audience and grow their social media presence.

Pro Tip: Instead of posting all the images for your contest on the Instagram account you are trying to grow, encourage entrants to use their own Instagram account to enter. This will help your account grow even faster. 

Have any questions about Instagram contests or how to use Snapwidget? Scroll down and put your Qs in the comments. Also, take a look at the awesome mustaches!

Advertising Coming to Instagram


Filtered photos, food porn and yoga poses will soon be accompanied by advertisements. Instagram announced last week that ads will be coming to the social network.

“In the next couple months, you may begin seeing an occasional ad in your Instagram feed if you’re in the United States. Seeing photos and videos from brands you don’t follow will be new, so we’ll start slow. We’ll focus on delivering a small number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community.

See Also: Run an Instagram Contest using Snapwidget

This is the first time that ads will appear on Instagram. Facebook purchased Instagram back in 2012 with hopes of monetizing the platform. Instagram makes a point to say that the ads will look and feel similar to the photos you already enjoy on the platform.

What do you think? Will the introduction of advertisements on Instagram ruin the user experience?

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Run an Instagram Contest Using SnapWidget On Your Website

Dearest Instagram,

The world has an obsession with your on the fly photo editing capabilities and filters, buy why? Well I tell you why! You give the amateur photographer an instant digital portfolio of their best work, all in the palm of their hand. Don’t think I forgot about your inclusion of the hasthtag. They let your users group photos by topic and over hashtag like it’s their job, but we won’t talk about that. So why am I writing you this letter? I want to thank you for how easy you make it to run an Instagram contest.

I was researching ways to run an contest on your platform and came across SnapWidget. It lets photogs add your stunning filtered photos to a website, blog or even a Facebook Tab by username or hashtag. With SnapWidget’s help, users can upload their food porn, pet photos and images of their kids right on their mommy blogs and animal lover sites. I’m going to highlight how to run an Instagram contest on my blog, so thank you for making that oh so possible.

All the best,



Use SnapWidget To Run an Instagram Contest

I’ll let you know if Instagram replies to my letter, but in the meantime, let me show you to install SnapWidget on your website. SnapWidgets offers a free and paid version, the free version doesn’t bring in Instagram functionality like commenting and <3’ing so you may want to invest in the paid version. They do offer a 14-day free trial of the paid, so check that out before committing.

Step 1 – Navigate to and click “Get Your Free Widget”

Run an Instagram Contest

Step 2 – Edit the settings

You can source photos by any username (It doesn’t have to be yours) or any hashtag. Below are the same settings for the SnapWidget at the top of this post.

The default number of images to show is 3×3, but you can change that as you get more entries to your contest. If the width of your website is constant, you can set the layout to be 3×100 for example.

Run an Instagram Contest

Step 3 – Hit “Get Widget” to get the HTML for your blog or website.

Run an Instagram contest

Well that was easy right? Below are some…

Quick tips when running your Instagram Contest

. Choose the winner by the number of Likes or
pick the top 5 with the most likes and have the panel choose.
. Don’t allow comments to factor into the winner. Instagram allows users to leave multiple comments
. Require photogs to tag your Instagram username and use hashtag so you are alerted of an entry, which will allow you to engage with the user
. Use a hashtag that promotes your brand, stay away from acronyms that new entrants may not recognize
. Don’t forget to highlight the terms and conditions of the contest on your site in addition to the SnapWidget
. Consider running your contest on Facebook and Twitter as well, they also support hashtags.

Have you had a chance to use SnapWidget? Perhaps you used a different Instagram contest widget? Let us know either way in the comments.

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