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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook

Everyone is a Facebook expert these days. Here are a few little known facts about Facebook personal profiles, pages and groups.

Public Posts

1. Facebook Pages do not allow you to segment your posts. All of your fans are eligible to see your updates.I graduated high school back in 2005 and still have all of my friends in a Facebook List. I may post an old picture from High School, or a note about the reunion that is coming up. I can also use this list to check in on friends of mine who I went to high school with.

Segmented lists2. Personal Facebook Pages do allow you to segment your friends into lists. Why would friends of mine who I didn’t go to high school with care that I love High School? You can create as many lists as you want and segment any and all posts.

Cannot Invite all pages

3. Facebook Pages do not allow you to invite users who have Liked your Page. You can use the Page to create the event, but only personal accounts can invite others. This is for spam reasons.

invite all groups4. Facebook Groups do allow you to invite all members. Your business or organization should NOT use groups, but it may be tempting because of this feature. The benefits of Facebook Pages far outweigh that of Facebook Groups.

Turn off notications

5. You can elect to receive notifications from Facebook Pages whenever a page posts. If you want your fans to do this for your page, I would recommend tugging at their heart strings.

“Facebook recently changed how you see our future posts. They are forcing us to pay for all of our fans to see our updates. Click the Liked button and select Notifications and then All Posts to see our updates”

Pages Feed

6a. You can choose to just see updates from the pages you like by clicking “Pages Feed” on the bottom right of your newsfeed screen.

add pages to interests lists 1

6b. You can add Facebook Pages to Interets Lists so they are easier to keep track of. This is a two step process in that you need to add the interest group you would like to use.

add pages to interests lists 2

7. I created “Food and Bev” brands as they tend to have great social media pages. You also have the option of choosing a privacy setting for this function. If you want all of your friends to see this list, click Public. You can also make Interest Lists private.

8. Facebook Pages will tell you how many people saw any given post. Don’t get too excited by this number, just because they saw your post, doesn’t mean they consumed your content, it just showed up on their newsfeed or they clicked an alert they set up.

Pages and Promotions

9. You can move the Facebook Tabs and images around. Some brand pages will have them match their brand. Coca-Cola’s Facebook tabs are all red.

rearrange facebook icons

10. ??? Did I leave anything out? Write your Facebook Little Known Fact in the comments.

The Hunt for a Social Media Job

By Brooke Weinbaum

So you want to know what it’s like to interview for a social media position? Well it’s not as easy as “liking” the company’s Facebook Page, my friends (no pun intended)! As someone searching for a job in the social media world and a follower and student of SociallyGold, I’m going to let you in on a few key things I’ve learned from my interviews for social media.

Experience* A job in social media means more than writing on your best friend’s wall while in class or uploading pictures from Saturday night’s party. They’re looking for real, live evidence that you have been doing social media for a bigger cause. Haven’t had a job to use social media for just yet? What about a Facebook event you may have created for your campus club or young professional mixer? These show initiative and credibility. Don’t be surprised when they ask you to pull up the page in front of them to really show off your skills.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the social networks you personally use. The go-to’s are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. But what else have you discovered that may be the next big thing? What about the way Youtube and Vimeo have become the latest marketing tool, make sure to know the latest trends.

Great writers always read. While you may not consider yourself a professional writer, you will be paid to use words in a way that grabs people’s attention. So what better way to learn than to read from other experts? Adam at Socially Gold is one of many bloggers who are giving you the latest and greatest tips on social media. Have you been reading TechCrunch and Mashable? If you haven’t heard of them now’s the time to go spend a few hours catching up on the past six months. Showing that you know what’s going on in the social media world makes you look like the social media expert that you are.

Many companies are hiring social media managers to get the word out about their product, mainly for free. Research the company and come up with a few strategies on how that can be done through social media. Are you interviewing for a minor league baseball team’s PR company? Think about who your target demographic is, how you want to reach them, and through what medium. You wouldn’t post a picture of a cute kitten with a saying “If you build it they will come”. Show that you know what you’re talking about and think out examples so you don’t seem clueless.

What’s your favorite? While this may seem obvious I was caught off guard by “What is your favorite social media campaign you’ve seen recently?” Personally, I see tweets, filtered photos, pins, and status updates all day and it took me a minute to really think about a good one. Keep that in the back of your mind for when they pull that out!

If you have personally managed any type of Facebook page for a company or even a group, they will probably look through it. Make sure it has been updated and is active. Inactive social media networks do not look good!

While we all love our own personal social media sites because we personalize them for ourselves, part of your job will be writing and liking posts that you may not be interested in. One of the company’s I interviewed with has many products including anti-virus software.  Understanding that not everything is as fun as the normal Facebook posts on your personal page is important, and learning how to get creative with things as boring as software is even more. Be prepared when they ask you about writing for a not so exciting product.

I hope I have provided some insight in what interviewing for a social media manager position could possibly be like. Remember to do your homework –besides tweeting, liking, and of course following me @inbrookesshoes- find out what’s happening in the social media world so you sound like the social media expert you know you are!


Brooke Weinbaum is currently a blogger for All My Faves , the internet’s most popular homepage! She lives in Tel-Aviv and is ending her five month program with Career Israel. You can follow Brooke’s life at her own blog and of course follow her @inbrookesshoes.