Convert Your Personal Facebook to a Page

Convert Your Personal Facebook to a Page

This information is taken directly from the Facebook website

It’s a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to maintain a personal account for anything other than an individual person. See the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities for more clarification.

Why Should I Convert My Personal Account to a Page?

Since Facebook personal pages are meant for individual people, they aren’t suited to meet your business needs. Pages offer more robust features for organizations, businesses, public figures, brands and organizations. 

Maintaining a personal account for anything other than an individual person is a violation of Facebook’s If you don’t convert your noncompliant account to a Page, you risk permanently losing access to the account and all of its content.

How do I convert my personal account to a Facebook Page?

When you convert your personal account to a Facebook Page, we’ll transfer your current profile picture and add all your friends and followers as people who like your Page. Your account’s username will become the username for your Page, and the name associated with your personal account will become your Page’s name. If you want your Page to have a different name, consider creating a new one.

No other content will be carried over to your new Page, so be sure to save any important content before beginning the conversion:

  1. Download your timeline information. You can download a file that contains all of your sent and received messages and all of the photos and videos you’ve uploaded to Facebook.
  2. Appoint a new group admin to any groups you manage. You’ll be unable to manage groups once the conversion begins.

When you’re ready, start converting your personal account to a Facebook Page.

What content will be transfered?

When you convert your personal account to a Page, some things will be automatically transferred for you:

  • All your confirmed friends and followers will be converted to people who like your new Page
  • Your current profile picture will become your Page’s picture.
  • Your username will become your Page’s username
  • You’ll remain the admin of any Facebook Pages you managed

You won’t remain the admin of any groups or apps you managed from your personal account so be sure to add new admins before converting. Also, content on your timeline (ex. photo albums, profile information, etc.) won’t be transferred to your Page. Make sure you download any important content before you begin converting.

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