Why I don’t “Like” You – Favorite session at #12ntc

This past week I was at the Nonprofit Technology Network’s National Technology Conference in San Francisco. I attended a session called “Why I don’t “LIKE” you: Strategies for Successful Social Engagement.” The panel was made up of three Social Media gurus from three organizations, The Humane Society of the United States, AARP and Spredfast.

The link to the presentation is below. Carie Lewis, The Director of Emerging Media at The Humane Society of the United States gave a great presentation! She ditched Powerpoint and used a more modern presentation style with Prezi. I highly recommend perusing this, taking her tips and implementing them.

Cari’s presentation also offers a list of mistakes that you can make once you start gaining Likes and followers. See the presentation here! Are you making these mistakes? Don’t dispair, you aren’t a failure!

Another take away came from Alejandra Owns, Managing Editor at AARP’s blog. In order to make this next point, let me tell you what AARP’s mission is…

“…helps people age 50 and over have independence, choice and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society as a whole, ways that help people 50 and over improve their lives.

AARP posted a Tweet saying “We miss you, Biggie.” on the 15th anniversary of his death. With little connection between AARP and the rap star, the tweet quickly became popular.


AARP posted a blog picking out the best tweets surrounding the buzz. What can we learn from this? Just because your brand has a well defined mission, doesn’t mean you can’t stray away for the greater good of online engagement. If you keep in mind that there is a person behind your brand, your followers will be more likely to engage with you.

I hope this helps you think of new and creative ways to engage with your followers. Don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. If you do, move on! No need to cry over spilled Tweets or broken Facebook posts. Clean it up and start fresh!

*The presentation and tweets listed above were not made by me, and all the credit goes to Cari from the Humane Society and Alejandra Owens from AARP.