Facebook Punishes You for Being Lazy

Facebook Punishes You for Being Lazy

Third party posting tools like Hootesuite allow you to schedule facebook posts in advance, post on multiple pages at once and even monitor your feeds within their dashboard. It isn’t proven, but I am convinced that using these third party tools stifle your Reach when it comes to Facebook engagement. The below are images posted within minutes of each other on the same page. Can you tell which one was scheduled with Hootesuite?



Schedule posts in advance in Facebook

Facebook recently did away with an icon within the post that told fans when a post was scheduled with Hootesuite. The commentary among social media pundits was that the icon caused people to ignore the posts and not Facbook implementing a punishment for being lazy. I would suggest using Facebook’s built in scheduling tool instead of Hootsuite to test my theory. Facebook allows you to schedule posts in advance by clicking the clock in the left corner. You can use this technique to pin down a social media strategy as well. Schedule all your posts on Sunday afternoon for the week, that way you can set it and forget it! I use that term lightly because you don’t want to forget to respond to your fans, so watch out for that.

schedule posts in advance


Do you use Facebook’s functionality to schedule posts in advance? Let us know how it works for you in the comments!

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