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Why Your Brand Needs to Embrace Social Media

Social Media Marketing is accelerating fast and the habits of most businesses are not caught up with those of the typical user. It’s important to start thinking about how you can future proof your brand.

The infographic below is a wealth of information and fun to look at too! My favorite quote in all? “Don’t be as engaging as a rock!”

Thanks for sharing Jacob!

infographic from UberVU


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  1. emichaud says:

    Hey Adam – Thanks so much for sharing our infographic! Glad you liked the part about being more engaging than a rock – very important :-)
    -Elisabeth, Community Manager at uberVU

  2. Jason Bahamundi says:

    This is a terrific infographic.  If companies paid attention to social media the way they do TV ratings they would know that this is where the crowds are and isn’t that what you want to do as a business?  Be where the crowds are, but of course be more engaging than a rock.

    • sociallygold says:

      @Jason Bahamundi Couldn’t agree more Jason! 2013 is the year that businesses start to catch up, or they’ll be left behind. Did any of the facts in the infographic surprise you?

      • Jason Bahamundi says:

        @sociallygold No surprising but a head scratcher is the fact that companies only respond to 30% of social media fans feedback.  I don’t get that because if they were in the store they wouldn’t ignore them.  If it was an email would they delete 70% of their emails and only respond to 30% of them?
        If you aren’t going to engage your consumers and potential consumers why be there?  Just because?  It is the wave of the future but it has to be done correctly.

        • sociallygold says:

          @Jason Bahamundi Great point! I think it’s a lack of time and resources. The trend is growing so quickly that they’ll start to get it soon and those numbers will go down…hopefully.

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