Giveaway: Win a Free Social Media Course

Giveaway: Win a Free Social Media Course

I am giving away a free seat to my social media online course. Each course will have a max of 9 classmates and you’ll be able to ask me questions once the course is over. If you have already signed up for the course, and win the giveaway, you’ll get a refund. As a winner you’ll get featured on my Facebook and Twitter accounts in addition to the blog.

The Details: 

– Leave a comment on this post with your name, email and why you should win by April 8th. 
– Subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already
– Have your friends enter on your behalf. Make sure they include your name, email address and why they think you should win.

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  • Daniel Cohen

    Looking to learn more about how to use social media effectively!

    • Adam Goldberg

      Thanks for entering Dan! Good luck!

  • Van

    Why should I win? Well as my Twitter handle states “I’m sociam media savvy” – Not only will I learn from Adam, but he might learn a few things from me….just sayin’ 😉 It’s a win-win in that scenario.

    • Van

      And of course, my spelling isn’t one of my strengths, as I am typing this out and on a conference call. 😉

  • We have been engaged all year long! Our Hillel would really like this opportunity! Please keep us posted

    • Adam Goldberg

      Thanks for entering. Don’t forget to encourage your fans and friends to enter on your behalf as well.

  • Beca

    Always looking to learn more! #awesomecontest!

    • Adam Goldberg

      Thanks for entering Becca! You can also have your friends enter on your behalf.

  • Two months ago, my synagogue re-launched our social media initiative on Facebook. During that time we’ve increased our likes by 50% (from 80 to over 120), posted varied and rich content hitting on multiple demographics, and average 50-80 reach per post. We’ve also had some mega-post successes including our latest “Online Yizkor” in which we asked people to write in the comments the named of their loved ones for whom we would say a special online Yizkor before the final days of Passover. The post with the names included 18 comments and reached nearly 700 people (including a viral hit of 587 people).

    Successes like these show that we’re on the right track, but we’re looking for help to help integrate Facebook engagement deeper into the culture of our community.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Thanks for entering Rabbi! That’s exciting that you have been able to increase your reach and engagement. I also really like the Yizkor idea. Other synagogues can really benefit from that if done correctly.

      Don’t forget to have your friends and congregants enter the giveaway on your behalf.

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