FedEx Puts Down the Social Media Consultant

FedEx Puts Down the Social Media Consultant

I’m not sure what point FedEx is trying to make here, but it seems like they are making fun of social media consultants. You can’t take someone out of college who over shares on Facebook and expect them to be strategic about social media. If you are an avid reader, you have heard me say that social media is free, but the time and effort your put into it isn’t.

What you don’t know about social media.

Social Media is not a fad, and most people assume it is meant for younger generations, which is what FedEx is poking fun at in this ad. They also make a jab at social media contests that are facilitated that have nothing to do with the business.

Relationship Building

This is the easiest and best way to explain social media. Use it to build relationships, and when you have built a good one, that is when the money and return on investment will come. No one wants you to just post coupons or deals you are having. Post pictures, interesting stores, original content and funny anecdotes. Don’t be afraid to give your brand human qualities!

Opinion of the ad

I have only seen this ad on TV once, and at the time of this post it has 15,000 views on YouTube. Are they capitalizing on the trend that is social media, or are they making fun of the hard work that goes into social media marketing?

I would love to know your reaction to this video and if you think FedEx is just being funny, or hurting the work of the social media consultant and specialists?

  • InBrookesShoes

    I think they’re just poking fun a little teeny bit. Don’t get too offended 🙂

    • @InBrookesShoes haha not offended at all. Now that you are a social media manager, how do you feel about the position making the main stream?

      • InBrookesShoes

        @sociallygold  @InBrookesShoes Now that I’m really doing it as a job and not for fun you realize how important your words really are. How long the post is, is it grabbing the audience’s attention, is it related to your product, etc. These are all things that the “average college kid” may not understand. But I agree Fedex did get us talking!

  • annacadizbennett

    I’m a social media strategist and I thought that was pretty funny – if anyone got a little peeved from this ad then they successfully got your emotions jacked up which they know will make you share the info and bingo – mission accomplished on their part. We’re not exempted from comedians making fun of us – it’ll continue to happen.

    • @annacadizbennett I thought it was great. I had a couple of my friends point it out to me too. You’re right, they knew social media folks like us would share it. Do you have a blog as well?

      • annacadizbennett

        @sociallygold Nice to meet you Adam! Because of Fedex you’ve got people talking & that’s a good thing right?  Website w/ blog will be up & running in a week. Here’s the link:

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