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For my first blog giveaway, I want to give a 1 hour social media training to the Hillel that receives the most mentions in the comments of this post. I want to give back to where I was inspired to become a social media blogger. My first job out of college in 2010 was working for Towson Hillel as the Director of Engagement. I learned how to use social media to engage with students and manage an online community. Human interaction is a lot like social media; answer questions when people ask them, engage in exciting conversation and be true to yourself.

The Details

Two Hillels will win a free 1 hour social media training via Skype for students and/or staff. I have previously held a Google+ Hangout for Hillel Professionals where we talked social media strategy.

To earn entries:

– Post in the comments section of this post why your Hillel should win
– Follow @socially_gold on Twitter and tweet why you should win the free training with your Hillel’s name as a hash tag. Ex. #TowsonHillel should win the 1 hour social media training with @socially_gold”
– Like SociallyGold on Facebook and post on the wall why your Hillel should win.
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If your Hillel receives at least 18 comments on this post by 1.31.13 and why you should win, you will automatically earn a 1 hour free social media training.

Click the image below to download the flyer that you can post on social media and in your Hillel.

Good Luck!

Social Media Training Contest-01

  • KaylaSokoloff

    Texas Hillel should win a one hour training session with Adam Goldberg so we can start creating a social media strategy to improve engagement with students. We have begun seriously talking about the best way to create a social media strategy and we feel that as a previous Hillel employee Adam is the best one to help kick it off!

  • KourtneySpaulding

    RIT/Geneseo Hillel should win a one hour training because we are trying to create a social media campaign for our campuses but have no idea where to start.  We have one Hillel professional between two campuses, with very different identities, and we are having a hard time tailoring our social media to each campus.  We have twitter and facebook pages and groups for each campus, but we are not using them to their fullest potential and need help!

    • @KourtneySpaulding Thanks for participating Kourtney. Make sure to have your students comment as well.

    • @KourtneySpaulding Hi Kourtney! Are you still interested in a social media training? Would love to talk about the future possibility.

  • DavidKorenthalUChicago

    Newberger Hillel at UChicago should win a 1 hour training so that we can professionalize and streamline our online presence. We are looking to create an online identity that serves as both a reflection of our organization and an effective way to communicate with our students and campus community.

    • @DavidKorenthalUChicago Hi David! Are you still interested in a social media training? Would love to talk about the future possibility.

  • FeliciaLilien

    ohiostatehillel  should win a 1 hour social media training because we are REVOLUTIONIZING the way we reach students here. We have hired interns to work on our social media outreach and we are just starting to train them to be Insta-Tweet-Book aficionados.
    The only problem? We have over 3000 Jewish students on campus and we are totally not reaching them effectively or efficiently. While a few of our staff members are addicted to social media ( leighannkopans , I’m looking at you!) the majority of our staff could really use a partner in developing our branding and starting our new media campaign. If begging and pleading hasn’t worked, we are willing to stoop so low as to offer you a free meal at our amazing Bagel Cafe whenever you’re in the Columbus area 😉 Seriously, though. We NEED this.

  • ahirsch0608

    Ohio State Hillel should totally get this because we do an amazing amount of programming and it would be super beneficial to have better social networking and get more people aware of how awesome we are! Thanks @FeliciaLilien for posting this!

    • @ahirsch0608  @FeliciaLilien HI Felicia, are you still interested in a social media training? Would love to talk about the future possibility.

  • HillelAtTemple

    I just want to shout out to every other Hillel that I am impressed with your work, and continue to find inspiration in your jewish life involvement. I feel @HillelAtTemple should receive this opportunity because we are rebranding this year, and giving our social media accounts full revamped appeal! This means we want to enhance our content, build our following, and improve our relationships. The beginning of a wonderful relationship could begin here with @sociallygold assisting in our socia media expertise.
    Shabbat Shalom

    • @HillelAtTemple  @HillelAtTemple Hi Hillel at Temple! Are you still interested in a social media training? Would love to talk about the future possibility.

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