Twitter Now Supports GIFs

Twitter Now Supports GIFs

Hey Tumblr lovers! Twitter announced yesterday that they now support GIFs on the iPhone, Android and GIFs are a series of images animated together to create a looping animation, invented in 1987.

If you are a Silicon Valley fan (If you aren’t, you should be) on HBO, you know that compression is very important. When you post a GIF, Twitter will convert it into a soundless MP4, which helps with load times.

Facebook does not support GIFs, but they do support video that will play in Newsfeed automatically, a relatively new feature. Instagram also supports video.

There are a few ways to create a GIF. Photoshop is my creation tool of choice, but there are tons of GIF generators on Google. If you do use Photoshop, check out this GIF tutorial.

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