[Opinion] Randi Zuckerberg Privacy Issue a Publicity Stunt

[Opinion] Randi Zuckerberg Privacy Issue a Publicity Stunt

The above image was shared by former Facebook Marketing Director Randi Zuckerberg, who also happens to be the sister of Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook recently released a new app called Poke which is a similar app to Snapchat.

Randi posted the photo to her friends on Facebook and the photo was then tweeted by another marketing exex, Callie Schweitzer. Randi replied to Callie and mentioned how “uncool” it was for her to share this photo without asking. Reportedly, Callie saw this photo because she is friends with Randi’s sister, who is also tagged in this photo.

Facebook users tend to believe what they hear in the news and are upset with Facebook’s privacy settings. Facebook recently released an easier way to manage your privacy settings, which I took a shot at easily explaining them.

The sharing of this photo is nothing but a publicity stunt because a photo like this, which we never see, was meant to be shared. Granted, Randi has a right to be seemingly upset because someone stole her photo. If she didn’t want the world to see, it she shouldn’t have posted it at all. It is unclear to me if she just shared this image with friends or her 1.4 million subscribers.


I find it all too convenient that the photo in question is a reaction to the new Poke app that Facebook is feverishly marketing. This photo was meant to be shared, and Callie just happened to be the scapegoat and took the bait. Most articles, including this one, who comment on this are going mention the new app, and perhaps post a link to it (guilty). At the time of this posting. Poke is number Thirity-five on the top one-hundered list of free apps. Snapchat is currently number four. You can see the rest of that list here. There is no such thing as bad publicity.


Do you think this is a publicity stunt or a genuine snafoo regarding sharing and privacy settings? Let us know in the comments.

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