Merge Facebook Pages

Merge Facebook Pages

Merge Facebook Pages 4

Update: 8.17.13

Facebook changed the look and feel of the settings since this article was originally published.

Step 1: On your page. Click Edit Page at the top of your admin panel. Make sure you are logged in as yourself, and not your page.

Step 2: Select Merge Pages and click Merge duplicate Pages

Step 3: Fill out the form and click send.

Note: Previously Facebook forced you to merge the smaller page into the larger page. Their help section doesn’t mention that anymore. I can’t test it as I don’t have any pages to merge anymore. Let me know what you find out in the comments.

Caution: When you merge, the content of the page you are deleting will be gone forever. Content on the page you want to keep will remain unchanged. Likes and Check-ins are the only items that will stay from the old page.

I recently learned that you can merge Facebook pages via the admin section. Facebook makes this available for Pages that represent the same thing and have similar names. You’ll only be able to merge the page with fewer Likes into the page with more Likes.

This post will help you if a duplicate page was created for your business or organization and you want to combine them into one. You’ll need to be an admin of both pages in order to request the merge. If you need to claim the extra page, see Facebook’s help guide on how to do that.

How to merge Facebook Pages

Step 1 – Go to the admin settings of your Facebook page and click “Resources” in the menu.

Step 2Click “Merge duplicate pages”

Merge Facebook Pages

Step 3 – You’ll be taken to the below screen where you can choose which page you want to keep, and which page you want to merge. Make sure you are choosing the right   page to keep. Facebook warns you that the page you decide to merge will lose all other content. Also, keep in mind that you can only merge the page with fewer Likes into the page with more Likes.


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You’ll notice that the page I want to keep in the below example has a similar name to the page I want to merge it to. You’ll also notice that you can merge up to 5 similar pages.

Merge Facebook Pages 3


Step 4 – Hit Send

Facebook will need to approve your request to merge pages, so be patient as I’m not sure how long this process takes. I’ll update this post with what the rets of the process is on Facebook’s end.

 UPDATE 4/4/13

Facebook sent over an email confirming that the merge has been completed. As promised, the content has been lost from the deleted page, but the Likes and check-ins remain. Thanks Facebook!

merge facebook pages 6













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  • Adam Goldberg

    I haven’t seen that problem yet Adam. Have you notified Facebook via their Support channels?

    • Adam Goldberg

      The smaller page gets merged into the larger page. Did that happy to you?

      • Adam Goldberg

        Did you get an email saying the merge went through? An email telling you you were no longer an admin of a page? Or neither?

  • Andrei

    Hi there,

    I have 2 pages that I want to merge:

    Editura Media Service Zawada and
    Editura Zawada

    The problem is that neither page shows the Merge option.

    Please advise

    • Adam Goldberg

      Are you logging in as the page when looking for the merge option? You can only merge when logged in under your personal profile. Also, the pages that you want to merge need to be similar in name and purpose.

  • Reinald

    Hi, did you got to choose which page did you wanted to keep? Or Facebook just decides that based on the witch has more likes?

    My problem is that the content I want to keep is on the page with less likes.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Hi there, thanks for reading.

      Unfortunately, the smaller page gets merged into the larger page, you do not get to choose.

  • Hi Adam,
    Was wondering how long it took for FB to email you the confirmation after you merged the two like pages?
    I put in the merge request this morning, but still no email from the FB headquarters!


    • Adam Goldberg

      Hi Brittany,

      It did not take very long if I remember. Within 3 days I believe.

      • josh moshen

        i tried to merge about a week ago, still no confirmation email… should i try to merge again or is there a certain amount of time I should wait?

        • Adam Goldberg

          It normally doesn’t take that long, but I don’t think it would hurt to try it again. Do the pages have the exact same name?

  • FrancescoSoragna

    Dear Adam,
    thanks for sharing this. I just have one question – you said that “you’ll only be able to merge the page with fewer Likes into the page with more Likes”
    But at the same time, the screenshot you took shows the possibility to “choose the page you want to keep”
    Could you please help me understand better this point?
    thanks again

    • Good question. The choose option is if you manage multiple pages. Facebook won’t let you merge the larger page into the smaller page.

      • FrancescoSoragna

        sociallygold So basically if I have an old FB profile with 5,000 friends and a page with 1,400 fans, the idea of migrating the profile to a page and merge the 2 pages will save the page originating from the profile?

        • You are correct. The page of 1400 can be merged into the converted profile.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Are you going to Edit Page and then settings? There are a few tabs at the top; Page-Info, Settings, Admin Roles, and more. The Merge Option is in settings.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Sorry for the late response. Within 2-3 days.

  • Eli

    Facebook don’t let me merge the page with more likes into the smaller.
    The reason I want to do that, is to use the username of the smaller.

    I see merge option only in the larger page. But not in the smaller.

    I’ll be glad if you have any solution.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Eli, are you in the US?

  • ive looked all over for the merge option and its not showing where it is supposed to be. Did they take it out??? I am logged in as myself and in the settings page and nothing. Please help.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Gustavo, are you in the US?

  • TNL

    Hi, I changed a FB profile with 5000 friends into a FB page and after I applied the merge procedure between the new page with more than 5000 likes and another one with 1200 likes. After 2 days I received the confirmation email saying the merge procedure was successfully applied, but immediately after I received another email saying that I may notice that I am no longer the admin of one of the pages I used to managed The Page was claimed by someone who proved that they’re authorized to represent it. Now I can’t find any of my pages, neither the supposed merged one, the one with more than 5000 likes, nor the other page. I tried to contact facebook but they only send automatic emails back. What can I do? Thankx

    • Adam Goldberg

      The 1200 likes page gets merged into the 5000. Is the 1200 one the one that is missing?

  • Julia

    Does it matter if the page I want to merge has more check-ins than the page I want to keep? The page I want to keep has more likes but I can’t find an answer about if check-ins influence the merge or not.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Hi Julia. To my knowledge, only the likes is a criteria. The smaller page will go into the larger page regardless of check ins. Thanks for reading my blog.

  • Chris

    So let me get this straight, if I want to merge a page with say 19 likes into a page with 1000 likes, then the page with 19 will get combined into the 1000. Right? So then say I want to merge a page with 1000 likes into the page with 19, do I loose the 1000 likes because 19 is less than 1000? That doesn’t seem to make sense to me, but that’s basically what just happened. My larger page is gone and my smaller page survives, minus the 1000 likes.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Unless Facebook changed this. You can’t merge a larger page into a smaller page. Are you saying that this is what happened?

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