• Adam Goldberg

      Thanks for sharing Jacob! Did you find any downfalls of having a group and a page?

      • Well, it’s not like we had much of a choice. We already had the established group and many students were used to its function. At one point last year, we had planned on deleting the group and migrating entirely to the page. With the ability to auto-invite 300 people, however, it seems like we should never delete the group.

  • Pauline

    I’m just wondering if an event is 60 days away, how often do you promote it? 2 times a week? I’m writing an SOP on it for my company and I have no idea how to say for x event, promote it y times a day/week/hour/year/etc. Any thoughts? Thanks for the article!

    • sociallygold

      Hi Pauline,

      When you say promote, do you mean a paid promotion or simply posting about it on Facebook? There isn’t a hard and fast rule, but I’d suggest to increase your frequency as the event gets closer and closer.

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