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Create Twitter Engagement with – A newspaper that writes itself and tweets for you, how could you say no?

 What is

by Micah Harvey

Micah Harvey is a FREE, online newspaper that writes itself. You can customize how often your paper publishes, what sources it uses to generate content and designate a custom name for your paper.

The most exciting feature is far and away the fact that will create custom tweets for you every time your paper is published. These tweets give shout outs to the authors of the “top stories” via Twitter mentions. You may have been mentioned in a tweet before. These tweets are great for raising engagement on your Twitter account.


Creating a paper of your own is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes

  1. Go to and click “Start Your Paper”
  2. Login into your account via Facebook or Twitter
  3. Chose your paper’s title, subtitle and update frequency
  4. Find and select content sources for your paper
    • Browse selected sources
    • Find people on Twitter or Google+ by name or username
    • Add a Twitter #tag (e.g. #climate)
    • Add keyword search on Twitter, Facebook or Google+
    • Find RSS feeds by keywords or full feed URL
    • Find a Twitter list by entering the list address (e.g. @WWF/forests)

Once your paper is created

Go view your paper. If you see content in your paper that you don’t like or want to be shared with your followers, simply change your paper settings. gives you the option to “blacklist” people or websites that you don’t want to appear in your paper.

You can customize how often your paper publishes (daily, morning and evening editions or weekly editions), set a preferred update time, edit the appearance of your paper and have send promotional tweets automatically for you.

Go get some followers:

Invite your friends to your paper. Add other papers to your “newsstand.” The best way to get readers add your paper to their newsstand is to add them to your newsstand first.

Check your stats. provides simple analytics such as views, subscribers, accepted invitations, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and let start providing relevant, current content to your followers.


Micah is a Social Media Marketer. Graphic Designer. Surfer. Photographer. Filmmaker. Sports, Movies and Music Enthousiast. Lover of Breakfast. California Native.His blog can be found at

  • Interesting article, I actually cancelled my because I read a blog or two that some were finding it really annoying. Maybe I shouldn’t have listened to them.

    • Adam Goldberg

      Thanks! Micah uses it all the time, which is how him and I originally connected. It’s a little impersonal, but it worked in our case. Don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting articles.

  • jaymie

    I also read some bad reviews about the tool being useless … but all the reviews were around 2010. I really struggled to find some info about it in 2013 and I wonder what improvements have been made and if any of the people who were bashing it would reconsider it? I even saw some people say if they saw someone using the they would stop following them. That made me pause.

    • Adam Goldberg

      I personally don’t use it, but it did get my attention when I was tagged in one on Twitter. You’re right, there is a huge debate about whether or not to use the service. I am on Twitter for the short updates and to engage, not to always read articles.

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