3 Ways to Improve your Twitter Usage

3 Ways to Improve your Twitter Usage

My morning routine is to check my Twitter feed before I get out of bed. Usually I’ll retweet a few, email myself articles I want to read later and thank those who shared my content overnight.

I read a Tweet shared from @1ad_dad (Branded Solutions) that peaked my interest.

Why You Suck on Twitter & 10 Reasons Why is a perfect example of how to engage your readers with a clever title, and encourages readers to come up either their own reasons in the comments.

My take on why people suck are echo by all of those reasons, but I also have a few of my own.

8. When tweeters don’t put a “.” in front of their tweets, so their praise of you is shared with all of their followers, instead of just mutual ones between you and them. I don’t think I had any mutual followers with this person, so only I saw it? So why include the link?

How to share a Tweet

9. Don’t get me wrong, I love when people share my content, but I think it’s a rookie move to not include the authors’ Twitter handle when tweeting one of their articles. I’ll search article titles of mine in the Twitter search and engage with those who shared. They aren’t expecting it; it’s a Twitter sneak attack approach. Taco Bell is where I learned this Twitter pro tip.

10. ?

I left number 10 blank in hopes of getting your reason why you think people suck on Twitter. In the video below, Tina Fina recently said that people are “too borring” to be on Twitter. Do you agree?

  • Tina makes a valid point. People ARE boring on twitter. My favorite thing about SM Marketing tweeters is that they constantly tweet their articles about how to be engaging on twitter… AND NOTHING ELSE. My feed is full of that stuff. While I like to be “in the know” on social media news, I hate a constant stream of links to peoples blogs. I usually only click the ones that are retweeted by others and maybe worth reading. Content is great… But so are TWEETS. This is why I have another twitter account where I don’t follow anyone with “social media” in their job titles.

    • @kasixote That isn’t a half bad idea. I am guilty of posting links. How did you find this article if you don’t mind me asking?

      • @sociallygold Someone I follow retweeted the link to your article in my feed, of course!
        I don’t think posting links is bad, I just think it should be done in moderation. I almost never click links in Twitter, yet that is the majority of what I see on my feed. We tell our clients to build relationships and only promote products/ services 20% of the time. Then we use our social accounts to constantly self promote instead of engaging or being interesting? It is amazing to me how many marketers use this tactic to promote themselves given the “relationship building” mantra that we preach.

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